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 ***Upcoming Scream Factory Updates!***

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***Upcoming Scream Factory Updates!*** Empty
PostSubject: ***Upcoming Scream Factory Updates!***   ***Upcoming Scream Factory Updates!*** EmptySeptember 28th 2014, 8:27 pm

This is from Scream Factory from this past Thursday.....

Thought we'd start your day on a good note by sharing some updates of upcoming titles and hints of announcements coming up soon.

- Full specs for our Collector's Edition of LORD OF ILLUSIONS will be revealed in October. (Release date is 12/16.)

- We will be reporting good news in Oct for those of you curious about our uncut presentation of VAULT OF HORROR within our 12/2 double feature along with TALES FROM THE CRYPT.

- Previously announced PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (The Robert Englund one) and CANDYMAN II: FAREWELL TO THE FLESH are both planned for a Jan 2015 release.

- Previously announced NEW YEAR'S EVIL on Blu-ray is planned for late Feb. (Sorry guys, we tried for Dec this year of course but it didn't pan out.)

- Previously announced ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, MAD MAX, INVADERS FROM MARS and DOG SOLDIERS (which we had to move from this year as you know) are all planned from March through May. SCARECROWS is undetermined but still coming.

- We have a really great YouTube video series coming up calling "Why We Love It" starting on Oct 1st running all-month that will definitely appeal to fans of the movies we cover in it.

- We will be announcing several titles in the month of Oct all for 2015 release. Expect more double features next year (much more than the 3 releases in 2014)...and some surprise titles that fit appropriately in the Scream brand even if they may not fall into the classic definition of a horror or sci-film. You'll see what we're talking about soon... Smile
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***Upcoming Scream Factory Updates!***
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